Transformice is the game which is developed by the French game designers, Melibellule and Tigrounette. The Melibellule produced the artwork and graphics of this game and. Tigrounette programs the game functions and mechanics.

The Transformice is the online multiplayer free to play video game platform. The game was released on May 1, 2010 and get playable for the browsers on January 30, 2015.

Game Modes of Transformice

There are 8 game modes available for this game:-

Transformice: Normal

The Normal room is also called Transformice. The Normal game mode does not need any special room. Any room which is without a special room name is normal room.

Transformice: Vanilla

Vanilla is the Game mode which has the official Vanilla maps and originally created by the Admins. This game mode win the Map Making contest in 2016. The Vanilla Maps play in both the rooms, normal and Vanilla room.

Transformice: Survivor

In this mode, the shaman try to murder the mice, chiefly by utilizing cannonballs, or other called objects. In this mode, there aren’t any mouse openings, yet there is cheddar in certain maps to make it harder to move. The mice attempt to maintain a strategic distance from the cannonballs and remain alive when the round is finished. Some of the time, this mode highlights “vampire” maps. These maps have no shaman. A couple of mice are arbitrarily chosen as vampires. The vampires try to “contaminate” other mice, while the mice try to avoid the vampires. After a mouse has been contaminated, it additionally turns into a vampire, helping its confidants to taint other mice.


In this game the Shaman tries to kill the mice with the help of their own creativity, brutality, skills and the items which are available for them. The mice try to survive until the round ends.

The primary target of the diversion is to gather a bit of cheddar set in no less than one area on a guide. Players control a mouse with the bolt keys or the WASD keys to run, duck, bounce and perform different procedures, for example, divider hopping, long bouncing, turn arounds, and corner hopping. Players’ mice must touch the cheddar to gather it. After which, the player must return the gathered cheddar to the guide’s mouse gap to wrap up. The quantity of cheddar and mouse gaps fluctuates between maps.

Players are granted focuses on a scoreboard that is refreshed continuously. Extra focuses are granted for players who place first, second or third. Gathering cheddar is recorded into a player’s changeless details when there are around at least 2 players in the room. Players are additionally given additional acknowledgment in their details for completing first when there are at least eleven players in the room. Maps have a general time breaking point of two minutes, at which time another guide is stacked.

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Maps can in a split second switch before as far as possible if all players complete the guide or bite the dust. The clock will change to 20 seconds if the Shaman bites the dust or too couple of mice are left on the guide. Kicking the bucket adds one point to a player’s score on the scoreboard, regardless of what time in the diversion it is or the reason for death.

At the point when a player achieves the most noteworthy score on the scoreboard, they will end up being a Shaman in the following guide including one. The general target of the Shaman is to enable different mice to acquire the cheddar and take it back to the gap. Doing as such will grant the Shaman with “spares” for each mouse who finishes the guide, which is recorded onto the player’s profile.

The Shaman can do as such by bringing items, for example, sheets, boxes, blacksmith’s irons, soul, and inflatables to make structures or contraptions, for example, extensions to cross holes or different deterrents. A Shaman can ‘stay’ or interface sheets and boxes to other world items or called objects with different shaded nails. Red nails keep an item immovably grounded and won’t move, yet it can pivot on the grapple. Yellow nails interface with most different articles, especially red-nailed ones, and keep an item’s position, however, can move. Blue nails associate two articles however are free and can pivot.

After achieving 1,000 all out recoveries as a Shaman, a player can turn into a ‘hard mode’ Shaman. In hard mode, a Shaman can’t utilize red nails which grapple an item emphatically, nor would they be able to utilize the Spirit device, which can push mice and articles with a blaze of light. A soul is the main article permitted to be thrown outside of bringing range. In lieu of this, hard mode Shamans can make a pre-made ‘totem’, which is built on an in-diversion editorial manager map.

Totems can be developed with up to 20 objects, yet just a single red nail might be utilized as a stay. A finished totem development can be called quickly as a hard mode Shaman and is promptly practical, however, may just be gathered once per map. In the wake of sparing 5,000 all out mice, 2,000 being in hard mode, a player will open the ‘divine mode’ Shaman setting, a setting discharged as a report on May 26, 2014.[3] notwithstanding not having the capacity to utilize red nails and the Spirit device, a celestial mode shaman can’t utilize yellow nails which interface and balance out most articles, nor would they be able to utilize a totem. In spite of the requirements, divine mode Shamans can bring forth accessible items anyplace on a guide.

Gathered cheddar is additionally set aside and utilized as money in the diversion. Players can utilize this money to purchase virtual attire things for their mouse in the amusement’s thing shop. Players can likewise purchase virtual attire things by buying ‘fraises’, in-amusement cash that can be gotten by paying genuine cash. Things are absolutely visual and don’t give reward details. Players can likewise make their own maps through an in-amusement manager. Made maps must be checked by a trial of the guide where the maker must most likely effectively gather the cheddar and take it back to the opening. When checked, players can present their guide into revolution at the expense of 40 cheddar.

An in-amusement accomplishment framework grants players with new titles and identifications. Titles are granted for gathering explicit quantities of cheddar, acquiring a specific measure of the lead position triumphs, collecting spares as a Shaman, purchasing things from the shop and finishing occasions. Identifications are granted for purchasing any kind of hide (aside from fields) from the shop and finishing occasions.

Rules of Transformice

In this game the mice should have to alive until the timer ends. The shaman try to kill them and it is quite difficult to score more in these normal rooms. It is very difficult to get the cheese and get back to the hole because the maps does not show the hole.

  • Hugging

For surviving until the timer off the mice hug the shaman. The mice attached very closely with the shamans so that they are unable to kill the mice. But, this trick was start using by many players and then it start result of vote-bans.

  • Totem Usage


Totems are generally utilized in Survivor to make murdering or blocking simpler for Shamans. Blocking totems are utilized to set up a snappy bar. Blocking is utilized to keep mice from being cannoned into difficult to reach or higher territories of the guide. The regularly utilized totem is a cannon totem. It more often than not comprises of numerous cannon used to execute a substantial number of mice on the double. Cannon totems may likewise join boxes to execute mice who are divider bouncing. The totem isn’t prominent in the room and frequently results in put-down being tossed at the shaman. Whenever utilized viably, cannon totems can slaughter most, if not every one of, the mice. If you have any stress and want tips to reduce Stress Then you can also watch latest movies on Coke And Popcorn For More Entertainment.


I hope after reading this article your confusion on Transformice game is solved. Must try this game once because it is quite interesting with best gameplay and rules.


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